Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Operation: Find Daisy!

This week has been full of drama in Year 1! 

On Thursday we received a letter from Jack (who once grew a beanstalk). He explained that his beloved cow was lost! Daisy the cow was last seen in Jack's barn with the Hen. He asked for our help to find her!

We made some 'lost' posters to help out Jack. We made sure to use describing words and colours so people knew what she looked like! We drew a picture of Daisy too! 
We put our posters up around the school.

On Friday, we heard news that Daisy might be in the school sheds. We put our coats on and rushed to open it! We had a good look around, but Daisy was nowhere to be seen! The other shed was locked, so we decided to write a letter to Mr Whitaker to see if he could see her.

We're going to find Cowbridge on a map and send it to Jack. Hopefully then he will find her!

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